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חדשות כוזבות, מניפולציות שקריות וקונספירציות זדוניות: באחד באפריל, יום השקר הבינלאומי, נפגש כדי לדבר על האמת ולהבין איך מנצחים את מלחמת הפייק ברשת.

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| Who we are?

Fake Reporter is a public-participation research initiative that uses the wisdom of crowds, researchers and network experts to combat malicious online activity including inauthentic campaigns, incitement to violence, hate speech, conspiracies and fake news.

Since it was established, Fake Reporter has resulted in the consistent removal of foreign networks that tried to recruit agents and sow chaos and fear in the public, exposed fake networks that operated in the service of politicians, stopped conspiratorial campaigns that worked to delegitimize election results, and responded to emergencies in real time by exposing hundreds of violent organizations to attack innocent citizens and reporting to the security forces and social networks. Through the power of the masses, and engaged citizens who identify and report malicious content, we are changing the rules of the game and creating a safer digital space.

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